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Feb 6, 2013 11:00am EST
aren't the only changes. angie goff joins us live in the studio to break it down for use. >> good morning. slashing saturday mail delivery is a big move that the usps must be done. here's what it means for you. starting august 1st, the post office stops delivering and collecting first class mail and letters on saturdays. however, they will continue to deliver packages six days a week. now, if your post office is normally open on saturdays, that's not going to change. however, u.s. postmaster general patrick announced today there will be hours reduced in 9,000 offices across the country. saturday service cuts would save $2 billion annually but they need $20 billion to close the debt gap. they have lost $41 billion over the past six years as more people turn to e-mail and online bill pay options. >> our new approach is based on a great deal of customer input. it reflects a strong demand for package delivery on saturdays and it still engables the postal service to achieve significant cost reductions. >> and donahue says they're going to focus more on package delivery, anner where there's bee
Feb 11, 2013 11:00am EST
church. angie, two obvious questions. why and what happens next? >> good morning to you. even with the answers we have people remain in shock over this announcement. he also gave his blessing in finding the next leader of the catholic church. leading the prayer this morning at the vatican, pope benedict xvi told a small group he's leaving at the end of the month. in a statement he says his strength due to his age has deteriorated making him unable to fulfill the demands of the position. the vatican said he's not leaving because of difficulties with the papacy. benedict is the first pontiff to step down in more than 700 years. a vatican spokesman told the "today" show there was fair warning about the decision. >> clearly he doesn't physically feel up to the job. i think this was an act of humility to admit that. a couple top officials have known for some time, certainly several weeks i was told that just this morning. i only found out a few hours beforehand from the pope's chief of staff. >> the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the cardinals around the world. they will gather in
Feb 25, 2013 11:00am EST
congress. angie goth has the latest for us. >> the unthinkable appears to be unavoidable. all eyes on capitol hill and no sign congress and the white house will compromise and stop a budget disaster that will impact many of you. four days, that's it, before $85 billion in spending cuts go through if a deal isn't reached. civilian defense department workers workers could lose 20% of their paycheck. and up to 20,000 people living here may have to take a one day a week furlough for weeks. the president is still pushing a plan to raise tax revenue to offset the cuts. in a few hours we may have a better idea if there is any hope to avert the sequester. speaker john boehner is having a news conference at 4:00. new 4s will have the latest. >> president obama is meeting with state leaders from both parties at the white house. they are in washington for the national governors association annual meeting. you're looking at the first lady as we speak. the president didn't mention the on going budget battle during a dinner last night with most of the governors but told them, we've got more work to
Feb 20, 2013 11:00am EST
. thank you, tom. let's head out to the live desk. angie has got something for us. what have you learned? >> barbara, we have just learned who is going to host the 2013 white house correspondence dinner. he first did it back in 1995. this is the dinner known around washington as nerd prom and the president and first lady are intere traditionally the guests of honor. >> thank you for that news. >>> the time right now is 11:19 on "news4 midday." concerns that bob mcdonald has over the proposed ban of texting while driving. >>> and we're making some sweet treats on "news4 midday" that even doctors can approve as at what is popular at >>> today a sweet treat in honor of national heart healthy month this february. we're giving you an inside scoop on a healthy dessert. thanks for coming. >> hi, barb. how are are you today? >> great. i hear that as a dietitian you go into people's homes and change their whole attitudes about food. >> i do. i go into their cup boards and get the bad stuff out that they shouldn't be eating and i reorganize their kitchen. >> so they can
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4